• NYHC81

    They showed some of the clips from their second dvd, the Euro one. I think I told you about that but I wasnt sure.

  • and i guess they have a new book out?

    it’d be cool if its a coffee table book.
    thatd be good.

    though i prolly wouldnt pay for it. ;)

  • NYHC81

    speaking of suicide, what’s up with Cage’s album? all that news then no news…

  • well i am waiting to get some info back for my f. sean martin interview which would have some answers… so i dunno =p

  • NYHC81

    That’s cool. Sean’s the man. That band has had so many different guitarists since 94′ and they’re were/are all very good.

  • yeah i sent him some real good q’s and indepth ones… i think he was expecting a few + fluff q’s…. so i hadnt heard back yet lol.

    and yea he rocks.


  • NYHC81


  • NYHC81

    I bet if you asked the Suicide Girls to make you a suit out of Suicide Girls, they’d consider it.

  • omgitzoz

    i will marry u someday