Who Is Ned From Bubba The Love Sponge Show?

Manson as Ned

Welll when Howard Stern goes on vacation, I become a Bubba “mark,” that’s for sure. But I lost something from the show (enjoyment), when I found out that Ned is apparently MANSON. This is supposed to be some big secret that is actively hush-hushed on SternFanNetwork (BBS). At least that’s what the HShrine says. Pic above is Manson AS the great Ned. Here‘s a thread about this topic as well, on SIRIUS Backstage Forum. Just try listening to the show after learning this information. It almost becomes SO OBVIOUS where it’s like gottdamn how’d I not see this before? Oh well, once you know, it’s undeniable. Either way the Bubba show rocks. Holla!


Author: shabooty

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  • I figured out that Manson was doing the voice of “Ned” pretty early on when listening to the show. It really doesn’t bother me and sort of “fits” in with the way the show runs. It’s a rib kid.

  • ignorance is bliss though :)
    but i agree it’s pretty amazing how seamless they insert N.E.D.

  • Justin

    I was at Bubbapalooza in Atlantic City this weekend, and I learned the hard way. It was like finding out Santa Claus wasnt real. The show is definately different to me now that I know. But, they do travel with an old man that is the Ned we all know from pictures. From what Ive learned, this man thats on all the t shirts and pictures is Mansons father in law, Donnas father. RIB CITY….. I almost want to beleive his wife Heather is a rib too…. have you seen her?!

  • lol.@rib city.

    yah i missed bubbapalooza damn. i thought it was the weekend prior cause i was actually in A/C earlier in the week (pre-bubbapalooza).

    yeah that musta been a trip.

    yeah go back and listen to episodes.


    yeah agreed she’s amazing…she’s more my type than beth even. call me crazy.


  • chris

    Yeah Manson is NED, I always thought so, but then here’s the best way to know for sure. While Manson talks, NED doesn’t, when Ned talks, Manson doesn’t. They never speak to each other as well. Its pretty obvious, but still it is a hush hush thing. But still funny, although his prank calls are annoying though. But BUBBA ARMY 4 LIFE!

  • yeah mad obvs

  • somewickedgas

    its’s defintely a work. I listened to the 9/30/08 replay. manson says he has a cold. ned sounds nasally. it IS just like finding out santa isn’t real. but we still love christmas. as santa isn’t what makes christmas, ned doesn’t make bubba’s show. Brent does!

  • BigSteve

    Nope. Ned is not Manson.
    Ned is my uncle, so I know.

    • and O&A didn’t get fired ;)

  • Brian

    Ive listened to Bubba since he first got on 98 rock in Tampa, everyone has known Manson was Ned. I officially found out at a Megadeth unplugged show in St Pete.

  • brian

    Yes I find it funny that as manson leaves when the porn chicks come in, bubba summons ned to leave too. I also heard that mansons “old man voice” from back in the day sounds eerily similar to the way ned sounds. Of course there is no longer mansons “old man voice”. Reguardless, neds bits are the best, which means mansons bits are the best. Ned calling the albuquerque police department will go down as the greatest prank call radio bit of all time

  • mscott

    I am really good with voices and speculated this was the case, wow thanks for confirming.

  • Bill Hoyler

    Tim Wilson is Ned. Listen to some of Wilson’s stuff on youtube then listen the next time you hear ned on the radio. Not only that, Tim Wilson writes and sings about the the same type of stuff that Ned does.

  • billiam

    If this is true it just shows the talent not only MANSON but the structure the show.