Frustration: No Matter How Many Times You Watch This Gif, It Will Never Happen (Or Maybe It Will!)

Want to see this gif animated + nsfw? shirt cutting…all the way…after the break!


Note to self: If this gif gets removed, google for “Valery_frustration_fixed.gif”


Author: shabooty

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  • http://nincs nincs

    Whos is that girl?

  • Alexie


    • Mark

      you are absolutely beautiful

    • Idiot

      You are absolutely beautiful.
      Your smile is perfect.
      Your breasts are perfect.

  • feo

    WOW, Alexie, you have such a warm, wonderful smile!

  • mcgee

    does anyone know if there is a video after the frustration?

    • skylord

      go to Very Demotivational and search frustration. in the comments, the first link is uncensored

  • T

    Yes, there is a full version with an uncensored ending. Not sure where to find it…may wanna try

  • penis
  • penis

    full version!!!! above!

  • Gir

    I’d like to see more than that. What happens after?

  • Gir

    Is that too much to ask?

  • http://rtrtr yo

    perv ass lil fucks jus go watch porn

  • Shamwoohoo

    thanks maven

  • shabooty

    if any1 has a link to a working no frustration pic, let me know.

  • KappaAlphaOrderFaggots
  • H-Ba

    yeah, it’s got to be part of a porno somewhere on the internet :o

  • maSSAD

    Her name is simi green

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