Dumb Cunt

Dumb Cunt, Cuntfrontation

So last night I was bored at the bar/club, so I asked this chick to take me and my friends’ picture. And she goes “no,” so what do I do? I take a picture of her and say, “okay then, google ‘dumb cunt‘ tomorrow morning, bitch.
Laugh. Let me just add…ugly snaggle-tooth ass bitch.

So basically, this will be in google as soon as I hit publish (and probably in the first few pages of the search results).


Author: shabooty

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  • Damn. Remind me never to piss you off. haha.
    Nah that was straight shitty on her part. Who’s too good to take and F’in picture….takes all of 2 mins. tops.

  • lol sigh for whatever reason I dunno if/why this post isn’t being crawled and indexed by their spiders!
    that’s a shame lol……. SIGH!

  • Oscar

    I can only assume you were in DC – the only place on Earth where even the ugly girls feel they have the right to an attitude problem.

    This city needs to be nuked so we can start over…

  • clarendon ASSroom.
    lol agreed.

    agreed, let’s just get a Matt Groening esque Glass LID and trap all these assholes in.

  • Paul Cummings

    The war-mongering dumb cunt should be drafted and, if necessary, hogtied, and shipped-off to Iraq. Stinking bitch should be put to sleep.

  • *snicker*
    that’s pretty funny… cause what you say is so true…