Head Automatica Featured in January 2008 AP (Alternative Press) Article

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As seen in the January 2008 issue of Alternative Press (AP #234), the same issue touting the next Head Automatica record as one of the “most anticipated releases of 2008.” Here is what the article has to say:

“Daryl Palumbo’s 2008 day planner is filled with promises of the new Glassjaw album, as well as debuts from House of Blow (his hip-hop project with Hatebreed’s Sean Martin) and United Nations (his grind-fest with members of Thursday, Converge, and the Lovekill). But we really wanna know what’s goin’ on with the third album from Head Automatica, DP’s vehicle for anything from big-band funk to British pub rock.

‘Something that’s going to run throughout the whole thing is melody’, says the singer, in a speed usually reserved for auctioneers. ‘Tons of melody-that’s what I do for a living. It’s going to be darker, [the songs will] be grimy and dance floor-friendly because I want people to move when they hear it. I’m not trying to make hip-hop songs with me singing hooks on them; I’m trying to make electronic shit that definitely bumps–hard’

Pre-production for the disc began in late September, and although the band haven’t determined a producer or a full time drummer yet, Head A recently enlisted NYHC icon Sammy Siegler (Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Judge).

‘We’re still the same posh, bar-rockin’ band we always were’, says the singer. ‘Okay, maybe not posh. Let’s say, WELL DRESSED'”

In this same issue of AP, there is a Glassjaw, “Worship & Tribute” mention, on the last page in a section about “10 Essential Albums We’re Waiting For Follow Ups To” with the proverbial bitching/speculating about when the next Glassjaw LP will come out. Le sigh.

Glassjaw are also mentioned in the December 2007 issue of “Metal Hammer” mag (this issue is still available at the various book stores such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc) in an insert about hot bands to watch out for in 2008. The blurb/article is called “Conspiracy Theory”, and it is peppered with inaccurate information and is slightly over dramatic in that regard, but, we forgive them because it’s still all about our Glassjaw. ;-) Definitely no “conspiracy theory” here, we can verify that the next record is indeed being worked on.

Via: Glassjaw.net and HeadAutomatica.net! Props to Chrissy cause she’s always on point!


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