Shabooty Interview Series: Yucko The Clown

Yucko The Clown
To prepare for this interview, I scoured my closet for my pair of unwashed lucky socks, put on some Dog the Bounty Hunter ondemand, and tried to ignore the fact that his girlfriend is “shnacky”, as I like to say.
Yucko the Clown is a regular guest on “The Howard Stern Show”, a stand-up comic, and the co-creator of The Damn Show later ‘ported’ to MTV2 as Stankervision. Currently he’s touring with the Killers of Comedy, Bob Levy’s pack of comics. You can also find him in a few comedy shorts on superdeluxe, and possibly parading around your town doing his infamous man on the street bits. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, he never washes his lucky clowny suit, he’s antisemitic and racist, and his girlfriend couldn’t land Ronald McDonald and that Brinks truck, yet Yucko was able to fill that clowny-void. He also filled mine. No clownybrokeback.

Shabooty: How long does it take to get in your makeup?

Yucko: Only about 15 minutes! I’ve got it down to a friggin’ science now!

Is the airport screening process weird, with your briefcase of dildos and props?

They usually just say, “What are you doing with all these dildos in your bag?” I just fire back with, “I’m goin to work- YA PRICK!”

How is treating you?

Pretty damn good! It beats the shit outta TV because you can be uncensored, and do topical shit before its outdated.

When are you doing more man on the street bits (your bread and butter if you ask me)?

We are looking into more cities in the coming months; Places like Boston, Miami, etc.

What do you think of LA? & How are the crowds out there?

L.A is cool, the crowds are great, lots of energy and shit. We always have a great time during and after the shows.

Are you in GA more or NY?

Im all over the fricking place, I spend a lot of time in both though. Coney Island is my hometown.

Do you hate traveling?

Nah, I usually get blitzed before I take off and sleep the entire flight.

Do you hate the H-word? (Hack)?

No way. I’m know I’m not a hack and screw anybody who says I am!

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Max Barry wrote the other day about DEWmocracy…


Max is the creator of nationstates and a marketing guru and famed author (and a pal, but he would rather have me jumping in the air holding a beta-flavor of mountain dew, than jumping to that conclusion). When MountainDew came out with Dewmocracy the online game I think he pretty much called them out.
When you are the Max Barries or Malcom Gladwell or Dingle Berries of the world, people want your opinion. (Ookay maybe I don’t wanna know the opinion of a dingle berry stuck back there, but assholes are like opinions, even dingle berries have them. Okay nevermind that). So this MountainDew thing reminded me. I really need to hit Max up and get his 2cents on the Yellow-5 urban legend. If it shrinks my balls or reduces sperm count, who cares, as long as I am about to use to help create the next new flavor of Mountain Dew (yes, I am talking about soda, yet serving up sarcasm sandwiches). Turkey on yours? yessir. More pix after the break.

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Mary J. Blige iPod + iTunes Ad.

Mary J. Blidge – Work That, off the upcoming Growing Pains album.
[a shabooty exclusive]
you know, when they make a video of you in silhouette, it sort of helps hide if you have had a crackhead past, at least visually, but then again, not if you look crackhead thin.