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I think LiLoh’s weight went packing MIA style with Chappelle

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Also during the news, Robin read Maxim Magazine’s new Hottest Girl list. She gave their top ten and Howard and the gang gave their comments on each girl. Here is what they had to say:

#10 — Sara Foster – Howard said she’s smoking hot and definitely deserved to be on this list.

#9 — Jessica Simpson – Howard agreed with her being on the list as well.

#8 — Brittany Murphy – Howard and the crew strongly disagreed with this pick. Howard said there is no way in the world that Murphy is hotter than Jessica Simpson or Sara Foster and she probably shouldn’t be in the top 10 at all. Howard said he just sees her as the chunky girl from “Clueless” no matter how much weight she loses.

#7 — Angelina Jolie – Howard said she should absolutely be on that list. She’s hot and probably really nasty in bed.

#6 — Rachel Bilson – Howard shocked everyone by correctly identifying her as being from the show “The OC”. Robin thought that was pretty gay of him but Howard disagreed.

#5 — Jessica Alba – Artie was very vocal in his support of her. Howard says he’s not a huge fan of hers, but she won him over with her sexy character in “Sin City”. Artie said you can tell that a chick is really hot when he’ll sit through a really bad movie just to watch her. Artie said he sat through Alba’s movie “Honey” which he described as “terrible” but said he couldn’t stop looking at her abs.

#4 — Lindsay Lohan – One of Howard’s favorites so he was all for her being on the list. He said she’s a girl in a woman’s body. Robin said that she bets Lohan isn’t as good looking in person but Gary met her and backed Howard up.

#3 — Jennifer Garner – Her name elicited Howard and Artie’s most vehement protests. Howard said No! No! No! Howard said she looks really good when they doll her up for the movies but he’s seen candids of her and she’s not top 10 material. He then joked that someone should sue the magazine over this list.

#2 — Evangaline Lilly – Howard gave the girl from “Lost” his thumbs up, even though she bad mouthed him in a recent article.

#1 — Eva Longoria – Howard said he knew one of the “Desperate Housewives” was going to be on this list because the show is a hit, but he’s not into any of them. Artie said there is nothing more tragic than Nicolette Sheridan hitting the wall.

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