It still stands the test of time:

3 and a half stars!

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (PG-13)

George Lucas comes full circle in more ways than one in “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith,” which is the sixth — and allegedly but not necessarily the last — of the “Star Wars” movies. After “Episode II” got so bogged down in politics that it played like the Republic covered by C-Span, “Episode III” is a return to the classic space opera style that launched the series. Because the story leads up to where the original “Star Wars” began, we get to use the immemorial movie phrase, “This is where we came in.”

had my last two exams EVAR!!! EVER=in my life!
sold back my books (110$) dollars richer (aka the first time in ages there are dead presidents in my wallet)
checked my grades (already got one in (B in SEX ED)
applied for more jobs
apprentice finale is tonight
changed my Facebook profile to “Alum”
changed my Facebook picture to the below:

an appropriate Volvo ad:

“We’re Just As Excited As You” (click to expand)
[via G's log] see more “Sensuality of Plain Belongings” here

…but what does it mean?
I had a wicked dream last night… I was in my old townhouse and peering out the window I saw this crazy storm forming in the horizon….I could tell this was going to be a major thunderstorm. A minute later and it is approaching us…I noticed the different rainclouds ahead and one really caught my eye. It was lightning-ing like crazy to the point it just stood out from the rest of the clouds because it was repeatedly being lit up underneath it…. and unfortunalty it was headed right for us….like dead on center. I look to my sister and I am freaking out… it’s going right over us–over our house and I try to prepare for the worse… in fact, I sensed we were going to be struck by lightning (the house) so when it was over head, I tried jumping in the air right at that moment, almost to avoid electrocution… I was unsuccessful and the next thing I know I am getting shocked to where I am debilitated and numb… about 30seconds of this goes on and I finally feel like I can move again.. .I was shocked by a lightning bolt… but the storm had passed. I rushed upstairs to see if there was any fire or damage to the house/roof.. all I noticed was a leaky ceiling in my room and that was it. I was pretty freaked out. . .
the end

so I got on the net and looked up some dream analysis sites:

To see lightning in your dream, signifies sudden awareness, insight, and purification. Alternatively, lightning may imply a shocking turn of events. It suggests the many forces governing your life may be beyond your control. To dream that you are struck by lightning, symbolizes irreversible changes occurring in your life. It is a transformation of sorts.

If you see strong lightning in your dream you will find yourself the recipient of a fantastic moneymaking idea that really works. and if you see lightning flash from the sky and strike an object you will have a stroke of good luck. Weak lightning flashes denote general good fortune to the dreamer.

Lightning in your dreams, foreshadows happiness and prosperity of short duration.

what’s so happy?
cons: I have to study for two exams tomorrow.
pros: they are the last exams of my college life.

I guess it makes sense, right?
r i g h t.

Nasty Nasty Nasty Nasty Nasty Nasty Nasty Nasty Nasty

This is soo not cool, and I dunno why I am posting it other than…I dunno, making you go through the same horror as I did?
on this page: Dixi Team Blog (NSFW)
Under the Bizarre section
they had something called:
NSFW – 18+

so of course I click on it and OMG…it was sooo VILE yet I couldn’t look away. well actually I closed down my windows media player in the middle of it and put it to my recylcing bin only to restore it to watch it again when I had my wits about me…

so the moral of the story is: Octopus + Pussy = EW
I’m pretty sure I have an Octpus phobia now, …lets just hope the video didn’t make me fraid of the ‘pus’!

V I E W…A T…O W N…R I S K!