Just get in…oh it’s so amazing -yeah -it’s all right …cause there’s beauty in the break down
Lindsay Lohan is thin as fizzleIs it 8-balls for breakfast or heroin for lunch? or both wrapped up in a palatable “PR” low-fat wrap?…Well, I order pancakes and she just sips the sizzurp.
either way, LiLoh needs to do something [about her lack of weight], maybe I’ll start by volunteering my protein-shakes, but let’s get this chick some more calorical intake…and so what if it gets stuck in between her teeth- don’t think I can’t make a cafepress bib for her…

p.s. she is supposedly going to star in Mission Impossible3…let’s just hope Cruise doesn’t turn her towards the dark-side: the cult of Scientology.

The ps3 was revealed and it looks purty…if only it could give me back the money I spent at the shitty china buffet the other day –that’d sure be a nice feature…

Interested in 50 fun things to do with your iPod? then go here (spoiler: there are only 44 fun things to do with it)

Oh, and who heard about Netbux?-where you get paid to search the net –well apparently it’s “t3h scam“…

& here are some pix of the ps3, enjoy:

oh oh,
and be sure to check out this Daily Show clip of Jon Stewart making fun of blogs (or at least the cable networks’ coverage of blogs)
[hat tip: Mijn kop thee]

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