and shoots offline… he should start his own site, but for now –here I will paste his latest tidbit:
If Tony LaRussa KNEW about canseco then he is part of the problem of steroids. Managers who know there players r on roids should STOP the the player from taking that sheit. Instead managers like larussa used canseco for there own good, winning. LaRussa is just as guilty in my book for letting roiders being free to do whatever they want…

to which I just went with today’s theme and said:
yea larussa loves the cock

like gannon and larussa, the p.g. county po-po love the cack too…

Police, students’ accounts differ
Officer: Police not trained to shoot at face
Prince George’s County Police said they warned celebrants and provided an avenue of escape before making any arrests or using force Saturday night, though student witnesses continue to say differently.

Capt. Kevin Davis, executive officer of Patrol Services for the county police, said police are trained not to hit people in the face and gave repeated warnings through a megaphone for celebrants to move off Route 1.

Police don’t intend to hurt people when they shoot pepper spray or pepper balls, Davis said.

“Officers are not trained to hit people in the face,” he said. “Sometimes it happens — it’s regrettable and is often the product of the unruly crowds.

“If a person chooses to remain after [being] given several warnings, then there’s always a risk of getting struck with a [pepper] bullet,” he said.

F-em all!

Actually, don’t say anything at all –keep your mouth shut. (I can’t make this stuff up, btw)…
Rape Victim Identifies Suspect By His Bad Breath

QUINCY, Mass. — A restaurant manager was charged with raping an employee at knifepoint after the woman recognized her masked attac|(er from his bad breath, authorities said.
Tuen “Dickie” Lee, 36, pleaded innocent Monday.
Police said the woman was tied up and rap3d by a man who broke into her home earlier this month. DNA evidence confirmed the victim’s suspicions that the attac|(er was her boss, authorities said.


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Contender in Boxing TV Show Takes Own Life
Sad sad story here…R.I.P. to Najai Turpin….
He was on the NBC reality show: The Contender …imagine the corny Jay Leno jokes we would get if he was famous for being on elimiDATE.

PHILADELPHIA – A promising young boxer who got the break of a lifetime when he was selected by NBC’s upcoming reality TV program, “The Contender,” committed suicide.

Police said 23-year-old Najai Turpin shot himself in the head at 4 a.m. Monday while sitting with his girlfriend in a parked car outside the West Philadelphia gym where he trained. Investigators were unsure why he took his life.

An NBC spokeswoman said the producers, cast and crew of “The Contender” were shocked and saddened by Turpin’s death. The program, scheduled to debut March 7, will go on as planned.

Produced by reality TV mogul Mark Burnett, “The Contender” will follow the lives of 16 boxers competing against each other for a chance at a million-dollar purse.

The episodes involving Turpin had already been taped.

cause wtf she looks hot =):::
Teacher charged with having sex with student, 13 :::

Teacher Pamela Turner is free on $50,000 bondMcMINNVILLE, Tennessee (AP) — An elementary school teacher has been charged with having sex with one of her students, a 13-year-old boy, at his home and at school, authorities said Tuesday.

Pamela Turner, 27, was charged Monday with 15 counts of sexual battery by an authority figure and 13 counts of statutory rape for acts between November and January.

Turner, who teaches physical education at Centertown Elementary, lived at the boy’s house “for a brief period of time when she was moving from residence to residence,” Warren County prosecutor Dale Potter said. The boy’s parents did not know anything about the relationship, he said.

Potter said Turner was arrested Monday in Clarkrange, her hometown about 55 miles northeast of McMinnville in central Tennessee.

Conviction on all counts could be punished by up to 100 years in prison. But Potter said it was more likely that a conviction would mean a minimum of a year to several years in prison.

Turner is free on $50,000 bond. She’s been placed on leave by the school system.

A telephone message left at the home of her father, who lives in Clarkrange, was not immediately returned Tuesday evening.

Turner’s husband filed for divorce in January, alleging inappropriate marital conduct, according to the Southern Standard newspaper in McMinnville.

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