[02:36] shahab-: yo u ever read my blog?

[02:37] hagetaga: nah i dont do blogs

[02:37] shahab-: aw just read mine will ya? :)

[02:37] shahab-: test it out

[02:37] shahab-: i swear i make blogging an art form

[02:37] shahab-: http://bahahs.blogspot.com $$

[02:38] shahab-: ur quoted in it on wanting to see soul plane :)

[02:40] hagetaga: sigh

[02:40] shahab-: $$$$$$

[02:40] hagetaga: spike lee gave that movie better advertisement than madison avenue ever could

[02:41] shahab-: aye

[02:41] shahab-: heck then billy madison coulda ;)





—–Original Message—–

From: Shahab S. [mailto:*SpamPreventer*maddmojo@yahoo.com]

Sent: Thursday, May 27, 2004 6:04 PM


Subject: resume attached plz take time out to read email+resume :)


Hello Jay Conklin,


I’m a UMCP student trying intern for hot995 and if I had to put my life in a microcosm from a movie scene it would have to be from Kill Bill2, where Uma is buried alive in her conklin err coffin and she is punching at the wood ignoring any anguish ’til she finally breaks the wood and breaks free, unearthing herself. This is my blue print for success; the question is who will be my "Pai Mei." …and who will be my first victims of my 5pt. palm exploding heart technique. :) I mean that figuratively of course.


Talk to ya soon,

Shahab "shab00ty" S.


<"CONKLIN, JAY" @hot995.com> wrote:

content=”MSHTML 6.00.2800.1400″ name=”GENERATOR”>

I’ll review your resume, but I have no idea what you are talking about.  I never saw Kill Bill 2 nor had the desire to see it.  I am not trying to be rude, I just have no clue what you are talking about.






From: Shahab S. [mailto:*Spampreventer*maddmojo@yahoo.com]

Sent: Saturday, May 29, 2004 12:01 AM


Subject: RE: resume attached plz take time out to read email+resume :)


Heh, forgive me. If you would have seen it, that would have been a clever metaphor. I guess I was banking on you having seen it, now I just feel kinda "short." At least now you have more reason to see it…to understand random wanna be interns trying to be cute; and trust me that was pretty cute of me. Anywho, thanks Jay, bye bye for now.



Shahab S.


—–Original Message—–


Thank you Shahab.  You probably won’t get a response on your resume until early/mid-summer since we are full for the summer.  If you are interested in a fall internship then I will proceed to review your resume.







[03:39] shahab-:


[11:03] hagetaga: the last thing i want is Microsoft making my operating system *and* the hardware. could you imagine all the backdoors for hackers in that shit? heh

[04:05] shahab-: tru dat

[03:38] shab00tyTM: tru … yo they sayin the xbox2 might be a hybrid between PC and xbox like it will play xbox games and pc games (this is speculation but they doin studies)

[03:38] shab00tyTM: werd

[03:39] freshnclean411: damn, wouldnt be a bad idea

[03:42] freshnclean411: damn, i wonder how that would effect computer game companies

[03:48] shab00tyTM: i mean the computer game companies would like the larger user base

[03:57] shab00tyTM: coo MS says they gon come out w/ a 50$ iPOD killer.. but i doubt it gon be that tight




[02:38] shab00tyTM: blogs updated

[02:44] Blacky: am i on it bitch?

[02:44] shahab *2k4*: na

[02:44] Blacky: Fu =)

[02:44] shahab *2k4*: we havent chatted in a long time =p

[02:44] shahab *2k4*: to have anythin on it lol

[02:45] Blacky: bah.. bitch

[02:38] Zeiganfeld: I’ll look at it :P

[02:38] shab00tyTM: u still do ur blog?

[02:39] Zeiganfeld: No

[02:39] Zeiganfeld: I might resurrect it at some point soon tho

[02:39] shab00tyTM: tru

[02:39] shab00tyTM: im addicted to it ;)

[02:39] Zeiganfeld: You seem to have lots of fans :P

[01:08] Blacky: hey sha…
go to www.flamesgirls.com

[08:23] shahab-: i think ive been :P they be nice

[10:00] Blacky: haha

[11:45] shahab-: =p



[02:45] usucknthatsad: phone?

[02:45] shab00tyTM: are u stoned if so i dont =)

[02:46] usucknthatsad: no

[02:46] usucknthatsad: im not stoned

[02:46] usucknthatsad: O:-)

[05:03] usucknthatsad: no im not dead

[05:40] usucknthatsad: u still awake>

[04:05] shab00tyTM: im awae

[04:05] shab00tyTM: awake

[04:05] usucknthatsad: im proud

[04:05] usucknthatsad: congradulations

[04:06] shab00tyTM: (:

[04:06] usucknthatsad: can i call you

[04:06] usucknthatsad: i missy ou

[04:07] shab00tyTM: call

[04:10] usucknthatsad: :-*

[04:23] usucknthatsad: here is my "guest blog entry"


[31 May 2004|
Guess what……listen to this….how come i always update my journal when im fucking stoneD? Well anyways, my dad just caught me smoking, im on the phone with shawn, hes so sexy? im really baked….i have a crush on someone…she knows who she is…well anyways…..this is what just happend…………….i was taking a big hit…..lol i was repeating what i was typing and i said to shawn "i was taking this big dick" but i meant "hit" so it sounded funny…………so Anyways I was taking this big hit and my dad knocks on the door, and he goes "what do u want for dinner" and i said " uhhhhhhhhhhh iunno " and he goes " what are you doing" and i said "uhhhhhhhhh nothing" and he goes " your smoking dope" and i go "uhhhhhhh no" and he goes "ima kick your ass later" and then he left..


sure must be hard parenting a bi-hottie-weedhead this day and age






[02:47] Fatal Image: haha
all that buddy icon drama is hilarious
they just dont like to see what they look like when theyre slobbin :)

[02:47] shahab-: AHAHAHAH agreed :P

[02:49] shahab-: lol i pretty much walked the redcarpet w/ that buddy icon =)

[02:52] Fatal Image: you get pics of the moldy chicken sub?

[02:53] shahab-: na =P but my dad ate that shit

[02:54] Fatal Image: lol foul

[02:54] shahab-: he said he ripped off the green parts and ate it LOL]

[02:54] Fatal Image: HAHAHA

[02:55] shahab-: lol then apparently talkd to my sister later in the evening and told her about it ..that just made her neurotic lol to hear ur dad is eattin moldy bread heh

[02:56] shahab-: i havent read it yet but max barry

http://www.maxbarry.com he reviewd some mary kate and ashley olsen thing

[02:57] Fatal Image: I think I’d like your dad :)

[02:57] shahab-: yea he’s mad funny and easy goin like me (: his accent is quality $$ also …that makes shit 2x more funny alone

[02:58] shahab-: it was funny hearing him converse w/ the pakistani dood workin the cash register at the grocery store..them going back and forth in their accents

[05:20] shahab-: wtf did u know theres a search engine for blogs?

put in shahab and u find me

[05:36] shahab-: but yea som1 found my blog by searching for that jewish blog’s site LOL

[05:39] Fatal Image: lol

[05:40] shahab-:


[05:41] shahab-: lol at result #2by: Zackary Sholem Berger
if that aint a jewish name i dunno what is

[05:43] Fatal Image: and the real deal doesnt even come up!

[05:44] shahab-: yah dunno

[05:49] Fatal Image: lol true
that name is quality

[06:15] shahab-: thats like kike kikeberg =)

[06:17] Fatal Image: lol





[02:55] freshnclean411: booty

[02:55] shab00tyTM: y0

[02:55] freshnclean411: what the happs

[02:55] shab00tyTM: not much just updated my blog (regular updates in the summer i guess) heh

[02:55] freshnclean411: werd? brb

[02:56] shab00tyTM: k

[02:58] freshnclean411: man tell me why just came from this Mexican bbq

[02:59] shab00tyTM: yea

[02:59] freshnclean411: nothin but old spanish ppl there, and they were playin mad salsa music

[03:00] shab00tyTM: like u went to a bbq like where it was outside some1s house or wah or like a restaurant

[03:00] freshnclean411: outside the house

[03:00] shab00tyTM: tru

[03:00] shab00tyTM: but u get food? :P

[03:01] shab00tyTM: i hope at least that part of it wuz good

[03:01] freshnclean411: some dry ass beef

[03:01] shab00tyTM: LOL

[03:01] freshnclean411: for real the shit was soo fuckin dry

[03:01] freshnclean411: i was about to choke on that shit

[03:02] freshnclean411: the worst part was, i brought a 12 pack of Heineken and the mexicans fuckin drank all of them b4 i even got to it

[03:02] shab00tyTM: damn lol

[03:02] shab00tyTM: was this ur friends spot or somethin

[03:02] freshnclean411: my friends friend

[03:03] shab00tyTM: they wuz on them shits like they were coronas =p

[03:03] freshnclean411: u know

[03:03] shab00tyTM: shoulda left em in the trunk for your own access :P

[03:03] shab00tyTM: tru

[03:03] freshnclean411: they almost took my boys Bacardi

[03:03] freshnclean411: yeah i should have

[03:04] shab00tyTM: well u shoulda known…how many live mexican bbqs be on sundays ..then again i guess it is a holiday tomorrow ;) wishful thinkin cause u know them mexicans still gotta cut grass on a monday even if it’s memorial day

[03:04] freshnclean411: lmao

[03:05] freshnclean411: yeah they were suspect the whole nite

[03:06] shab00tyTM: ur in bad luck when it takes u three degrees of separation to get to a Mexican :)

[03:06] freshnclean411: lol

[03:07] freshnclean411: no bullshit

[03:08] freshnclean411: i had to leve quick

[03:08] shab00tyTM: werd

[03:09] freshnclean411: aiight

[03:15] shab00tyTM: so wuz roland at the bbq?

[03:16] freshnclean411: yeah

[03:16] shab00tyTM: wuz he blown too?

[03:16] freshnclean411: yeah

[03:16] freshnclean411: he out to see some bitch right now

[03:22] shab00tyTM: who sarah

[03:25] freshnclean411: some bitch named chevon

[03:25] shab00tyTM: who da blood is dat :P

[03:25] freshnclean411: thought it was a blk girl at first

[03:25] shab00tyTM: lol chevon is a white girl?

[03:25] freshnclean411: but it the gf of a guy he works w/

[03:25] freshnclean411: yup

[03:25] shab00tyTM: lol and he hollarin?

[03:26] freshnclean411: i guess so

[03:26] shab00tyTM: lol that sounds shady ..the chevon bein a white girl even more so the he hollarin at his coworkers girl

[03:27] freshnclean411: well supposedly his coworker doesnt care about her so he’s tryin to holla

[03:27] freshnclean411: and she gotta be white cuz roland wouldnt ever talk to her if she wasnt

[03:28] shab00tyTM: sounds like a skank

[03:28] freshnclean411: very possibly

[03:29] shab00tyTM: watch her pussy be dry like that mexican beef strips u had =)

[03:29] freshnclean411: LOL

[03:29] shab00tyTM: :p

[03:29] freshnclean411: no bull, her shit would need some rehydrating\

[03:31] shab00tyTM: is every gonna be closed memorial day?

[03:32] shab00tyTM: everywhere

[03:32] shab00tyTM: i wanna see soul plane

[03:32] freshnclean411: not everything cuz i think roland gotta work tomm

[03:33] freshnclean411: yeah me too, henry wanted to see it to

[03:33] shab00tyTM: i calld henry today he said he dont like to do nothin on sundays ..wtf =p

[03:34] freshnclean411: ummm, o

[03:34] freshnclean411: k

[03:34] freshnclean411: guess hes really religious

[03:35] shab00tyTM: lol the couch potato religion… man today went by too fast

[03:35] freshnclean411: man today wuz some shittayness

[03:36] shab00tyTM: aye

[03:36] shab00tyTM: u workin tomorrow

[03:36] shab00tyTM: ?

[03:36] freshnclean411: nah

[03:36] freshnclean411: i work when i need to work

[03:37] freshnclean411: so if somebody need a car, ill be workin tomm


IF ANY1 NEED A CAR>>HOLLAR AT HIM :P [msg me for his contact info]




Away Message:




*** Auto-response sent to x: <— (; dick of bowl a eat can blog my edit to me callin dickwads <—





[07:06] freshnclean411: im about to get into to some coonery and buffonery, care to join?:-D


[01:12] freshnclean411: yo

[01:12] shab00tyTM: yo

[01:12] shab00tyTM: u go to kiths?

[01:12] freshnclean411: yeah, just for like 2 sec

[01:12] shab00tyTM: how wuz it

[01:12] freshnclean411: we aint do shit

[01:13] shab00tyTM: me neither but i aint go out no where either

[01:13] freshnclean411: no coonery or buffoonery

[01:13] shab00tyTM: heh aw

[01:13] freshnclean411: yeah, im prolly bout to play some ps2

[01:13] shab00tyTM: tru

[01:16] shab00tyTM: aight,,,roland went home ?

[01:17] freshnclean411: yeah

[01:17] shab00tyTM: ahah wanna read somethin funny

[01:17] freshnclean411: aiight

[01:17] shab00tyTM: kith’s sister’s away msg:

Away Message:


Some whores are in my house…my brother’s friends. Go figure.

[01:18] shab00tyTM: there wuz whores there? ;P

[01:18] freshnclean411: nah far from

[01:18] freshnclean411: richie just hatin

[01:18] shab00tyTM: guess so =p

[01:18] shab00tyTM: she need to stfu and get on the job hunt ;p

[01:18] freshnclean411: lol, she unemployed just like me

[01:18] shab00tyTM: unemployed w/ a degree though is bummerness =p

[01:18] freshnclean411: tru




[01:24] shab00tyTM: lol peep this out


***MUST SEE***

[01:24] freshnclean411: yeah, i just hope i can maintain them shitz

[01:25] shab00tyTM: werd

[01:27] freshnclean411: damn, they fucked dumbo’s mom up

[01:27] shab00tyTM: lol i kno yo that wuz kinda crucial

[01:28] shab00tyTM: it wuz funny though i just saw it but i was on the phone w/ my stoner friend when she was watchin that she wuz high all like noooo dont hurt mr elephant .and shit

[01:28] freshnclean411: lol

[01:26] shahab-: holy crap =p

[01:38] Fatal Image: that looks familiar I think it was on one of those when good animals go bad shows!

[01:38] Fatal Image: definitely a pissed off elephant :)

[01:42] shahab-: lol fo realz





[12:33] maranda: hey

[12:33] shahab *2k4*: how u doin girl

[12:34] maranda: Im doing fine how are u

[12:35] shahab *2k4*: im aight tell me if u like this strap-on

[03:08] melzabulb: that strap on was tight

[12:36] maranda: cute

[12:36] shahab *2k4*: is urs better?

[12:36] maranda: yea

[12:37] shahab *2k4*: how come its bigger?

[12:37] maranda: yea

[12:37] shahab *2k4*: o

[12:37] shahab *2k4*: lol

[12:37] shahab *2k4*: that one wouldnt even pleasure u?

[12:38] maranda: it might

[12:38] maranda: if u use it the right way

[12:40] maranda: u know i have videos now

[12:40] shahab *2k4*: send me one

[12:41] maranda: later on i will

[12:41] shahab *2k4*: 2nite?

[12:42] maranda: nah maybe tomorrow

[12:42] maranda: mmm i think ull like what i will doo

[12:43] shahab *2k4*: n whats that

[12:44] maranda: fingering and cucumbers

[12:45] shahab *2k4*: cucumbers plural?

[12:45] maranda: haha i dont know

[12:46] shahab *2k4*: u sohuld send me so i can find out ;P

[12:46] shahab *2k4*: is there audio too?

[12:46] maranda: no

[12:47] shahab *2k4*: i wanna hear ya cum though

[12:48] maranda: yea i know but take what i give ya

[12:48] *** "maranda" signed off at Wed Jun 02 00:48:34





[11:54] shab00tyTM: heya

[11:54] andreakelroth: hey

[11:54] shab00tyTM: whats new

[11:54] andreakelroth: nm u?

[11:54] shab00tyTM: workd today

[11:54] andreakelroth: im lookin around for car insuracne

[11:54] shab00tyTM: werd

[11:58] andreakelroth: u can pay for my car insurance deal?

[11:58] shab00tyTM: no but u can switch to gieco and save 15% on urs

[12:00] andreakelroth: geico todl me they cant save me at all….ronnie previous accident is too greata risk "they just wont take"…so im like i thought u promised 15% or more, and the girl says of what ur already paying, u never had ne i was like dammmn

[12:00] shab00tyTM: LOL

[12:00] shab00tyTM: the gecko shit on u

[12:00] andreakelroth: i know motherfucker

[12:01] shab00tyTM: get on ur parents insurace

[12:01] andreakelroth: i alreayd am accept they dont know i bought a car

[12:02] shab00tyTM: o

[12:02] andreakelroth: u know i did right?

[12:02] shab00tyTM: ya

[12:02] andreakelroth: ya

[12:03] shab00tyTM: u tryin to keep it a secret from ur parents?

[12:04] andreakelroth: yeah

[12:04] andreakelroth: they will get mad

[12:05] shab00tyTM: tru

[12:05] andreakelroth: and take away my other car lol

[12:05] shab00tyTM: werd

[12:06] andreakelroth: werd

[12:11] andreakelroth: man why do they always ask gender, as if it makes a diff, why dont they ask for ethnicity if they wanna get technical to "predicit" accidents

[12:13] shab00tyTM: cause

[12:13] shab00tyTM: chicks are more accident prone

[12:13] shab00tyTM: they are more emotional

[12:13] shab00tyTM: lol j/k

[12:14] andreakelroth: i know more guys who crashed cars then girls

[12:14] shab00tyTM: well ur guy friends are douches





[01:51] Dale: classic::
‘next thing i know, my girl is calling me and saying "i didn’t know we were getting married"’
Tracy McGrady , on Larry Brown’s wrongly saying he was skipping the Olympics to get married and not mentioning McGrady’s terrorism concerns

[08:52] Dale: i just heard a new anthem song
"i hate my baby moma"

[05:50] Dale: i lost eric chavez for the season probably…. broke his arm

[04:20] Dale: espn is doing a top 15 most tortured cities
washington is #11  …they r at #6 right now

[08:22] shahab-: lol werd






[07:44] shab00tyTM: howdy

[07:44] britownsyou: hidy ho

[07:44] britownsyou: sup

[07:44] shab00tyTM: im chattin w/ the devils girl

[07:44] britownsyou: devils girl?

[07:44] britownsyou: lol

[07:45] shab00tyTM: heh

[07:58] britownsyou: by the way..when that girl called u she wouldnt get off the phone lol

[07:58] britownsyou: i told her to hang up or give me the phone and she wouldnt give me it so

[07:58] shab00tyTM: LOL

[07:59] shab00tyTM: she wuz hookd to the shab00ty mang

[07:59] britownsyou: hahah<3

[07:59] britownsyou: fa sho




[07:46] shab00tyTM: sup

[07:46] shab00tyTM: happy memorial day

[07:47] zeldy: thanks, u too

[07:59] shab00tyTM: np

[07:59] *** Auto-response from zeldy: Anti-social hoebag = Me

[01:23] shab00tyTM: cool u like camp kill yourself? :) SWEET

[01:23] *** Auto-response from zeldy: CKY





[03:12] shahab-: lol

[03:12] shahab-: nice

[03:12] Fatal Image: and that pic reminds me
there are sites now that figured out how to beat the google toolbar pop up blocker

[03:13] shahab-: o?

[03:15] shahab-: well i use proxomitron+ xp sp2 ie popup blocker and im free of







[12:43] shab00tyTM: lol @applyin for the swan

[12:43] *** Auto-response from angel1a2: Trying to sleep off the stress….thinking of applying for The Swan2!




[01:09] shab00tyTM: werd

[01:09] razburylimon: hmmm

[01:10] razburylimon: haha bahahs is shahab spelled backwards. and i just now realized that. sometimes i worry myself.

[01:10] shab00tyTM: LOL

[01:10] shab00tyTM: but isnt that a funny backwards spelling?

[01:10] shab00tyTM: bahahahhhh’s :)

[01:11] razburylimon: thats what i was just thinking

[01:11] razburylimon: and i was like "heyyyy"

[01:11] shab00tyTM: heh yea shahab.blogspot.com was taken so i had to get creative :)

[01:12] razburylimon: oh yeah, and how long did it take for u to think this one up?

[01:12] razburylimon: a whole like….what? 1 minute?

[01:12] shab00tyTM: ya geniuses dont take long to think up great ideas

[01:12] shab00tyTM: it comes to em in a flash

[01:13] razburylimon: well u should pat ureself on the back

[01:13] shab00tyTM: i do everyday

[01:14] shab00tyTM: its a constant love affair w/ myself

[01:14] razburylimon: ims ure it is, i mean, how could u resist

[01:16] shab00tyTM: lol if u spent less time on your hair and more time lovin urself ud be irresisting yourself too =)

[01:17] razburylimon: but it comes down to priorities. and the hair just…always seems to win

[01:17] shab00tyTM: 4 words:

[01:17] shab00tyTM: invest in a hat

[01:18] razburylimon: i own 3

[01:18] razburylimon: i rock my bam hat all the time

[01:18] shab00tyTM: i rock jimmy hats regularly too

[01:19] razburylimon: well isnt that special

[12:13] shab00tyTM: dont worry one day u can intern for me ;) once im in that position wink wink

[12:13] shab00tyTM: werd

[12:13] razburylimon: well why the fuck would they bring X to a christmas party neway

[12:13] razburylimon: har har

[12:13] shab00tyTM: whats har har? :P

[12:14] shab00tyTM: f u then ;) the offer is off the table heh

[12:14] shab00tyTM: j/k

[12:14] razburylimon: har har as is sarcastic laughter

[12:14] shab00tyTM: dont patronize me ;) j/k

[12:14] shab00tyTM: or should i say

[12:14] shab00tyTM: feel free to patronize me

[12:14] razburylimon: that gets another har har

[12:15] shab00tyTM: fo shizzle

[12:17] shab00tyTM: brb bathroom..care to accompany me?

[12:17] shab00tyTM: ill hold it in till i get to ur house

[12:18] razburylimon: haha as tempting as that is, i dont think erik would appreciate it too much

[12:18] shab00tyTM: tell him ill be sure to shake myself off LOL

[12:19] razburylimon: yes, yes, THAT weill make it all better again

(she works at subway to get the premise of the next joke)

[12:19] shab00tyTM: u can tell him u were just helping me w/ my atkins friendy man-submarine

[12:20] razburylimon: har har ahr

[12:20] shab00tyTM: tell me that wasnt funny

[12:20] razburylimon: i cracked a smile

[12:20] shab00tyTM: k that makes me happy then

[12:21] razburylimon: ahh one step higher on the ladder to renee’s full amusement

[12:21] shab00tyTM: renee’s ever illusive amusement

[12:22] razburylimon: really. all u would have to do is like…fall…or run into a wall

[12:22] razburylimon: and i would laugh hysterically

[12:22] razburylimon: i find other’s misfortune the most amusing thing in life

[12:22] shab00tyTM: like me specifically cause u hate me or just any in general :)

[12:22] razburylimon: anyone in general

[12:23] shab00tyTM: heh aw well i do agree that’s funny but the catch is to laugh at em w/o em known u are =-p ..dont wanna make em cry

[12:23] razburylimon: i have a very…immature se4nse of humor. im the kind of girl who finds the woman with the beard and four chins and says "thats YOUR girlfriend"

[12:24] shab00tyTM: no i do too! i thought soul plane was "fairly" funny… :P i just like to talk about and laugh about people w/o em knowin it..i dont lke to hurt peeps feelins ;)\

[12:24] razburylimon: oh yeah, we do it at work all the time

[12:24] razburylimon: we wait until they leave

[12:24] razburylimon: and then we laugh at them

[12:25] shab00tyTM: lol

[12:26] shab00tyTM: i should come thru so u gimmie a handful of "stamps"

[12:26] razburylimon: i cant

[12:26] razburylimon: my bosses have camera

[12:26] razburylimon: s

[12:27] shab00tyTM: dang

[12:27] shab00tyTM: jerrod got u lockd da fuck down =p

[12:36] shab00tyTM: u like this

[12:36] shab00tyTM:


[12:36] shab00tyTM: try that

[12:36] razburylimon: oh thats hot

[12:36] shab00tyTM: would u use that?

[12:37] razburylimon: no.





[02:17] shahab-: i hear one of em doesnt even really talk much he is too busy lookin up sports stats all show lol

[02:18] shahab-: and they all get paid the same

[02:18] shahab-: i also asked JP that night… i askd him all the junks are married,right..he goes ya.. i go ok 10 years from now… what are the chances at least 1 is divorced..he defiantly confirmed one of them bamas is gettn divorced by then LOL $$$ i got dirt ;)

[02:20] shahab-: loo i just got this spam email: Hugh Jackman SEXUALLY-EXPLICIT: The Naked Cast Of Van Helsing

[02:23] Fatal Image: rofl great spam
I get a lot of spam that says ‘seuxally-explicit’ now. some new law or something..

[02:24] shahab-: ah lol

[02:29] shahab-: mcubed in baseball chat in ss whining thinkin imma fant baseball noob
6:mcubed> fu, you are your good luck… not knowing about baseball yet having a team that does well

[02:30] shahab-: 6:shahab> fu lol im not a fantasy newbie
6:mcubed> but you dont know baseball :P

[02:30] Fatal Image: not like he ever does good heh

[02:34] shahab-: aye

[02:34] shahab-: man trillian needs to come out w/ an update..only cause it’s been months w/o one and that’s what they are known for

[02:44] shahab-: Here’s a Trillian developer’s responses:
"Sigh. Is it that time again already?
There is at least one guy like this in every development cycle.
The developers are not sitting on a beach somewhere drinking things with umbrellas in them. They are pulling all nighters or at least working until 2-3am every night. If you haven’t been around for past releases then you don’t know that they are usually big. They don’t add one or two things or fix one or two issues. They change and add a LOT. Take a look at the change log (Preferences->About->Version History). Count up all of the the additions, changes, and fixes between 1.0 and 2.0 and let us know the number."

[02:45] shahab-: developers need to hire more azn people

[02:48] Fatal Image: trillian = sounds like a bunch of whiners

[02:49] shahab-: yea the mods on the forums are dickz

[02:49] shahab-: they need to hire a PR person =)



[02:55] shahab-:


[02:55] Fatal Image: phear

[02:56] shahab-: LOL at bottom



[02:56] shahab-: er anusscopes

[02:58] shahab-: sigh they got every thing check out the main site


[02:58] Fatal Image: anal speculum?

for the love of god why?


[11:12] Fatal Image: that’s making a stink? they think you have a nationally famous web site or something? it’s a blog :P

[11:46] shahab-: lol i kno right

[11:46] shahab-: i dunno what they think :P

[though it will one day be a nationally famous BLOG] :P





[12:22] shahab-:


[12:38] Fatal Image: ahh cool






society won’t let sleeping blogs lie

June 2, 2004



my comments on this article:


..fuck it i’ll say you a trip:


cutler takes in it all three holes
i doubt this triple-pen madamme is playboy material though :P
i guess i HAVE missed the point of roeper’s article; no wait i didn’t, and i AM sex crazed.

Posted by:shahab at June 3, 2004 02:48 AM






is that a vibrator? [click to expand pic]

the description was:

shedidn’tknowI hadtheGIJOEkung-fugripnitwent uuuuh


hot jessica alba pix *click to enlarge*:



Real World fan’s read:

Real World Cameran is dating Real World Ace


personally, I can’t even watch real world anymore… long story ;)




that’s it for now folks… check back in who knowZ wHeN~!

bye bye for now,



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