[15:51] shab00tyTM: my friend bought a used comp and it had issues

[15:39] shab00tyTM: btw is ur comp fixd now

[15:39] sisjenny: that it is

[15:39] shab00tyTM: it was the faulty memory?

[15:39] shab00tyTM: u get ur money from dude?

[15:39] shab00tyTM: or do i need to beat him up :)

[15:40] sisjenny: yeah it was the memory, he gave me a lil less than half

[15:40] shab00tyTM: he shoulda gave u all =p

[15:40] sisjenny: well whatever, we dont know who messed it up so, eh

[15:40] shab00tyTM: sigh ur too nice jen ;P

[15:41] sisjenny: i already got a really good price on the comp, didnt wanna push it too much anywyas

[15:41] shab00tyTM: hypothetical: if i sold u a faulty vibrator and it was leakin battery acid, would u blame the energizer bunny? :) ehe j/k

[15:44] sisjenny: hah


Blacky: Learn how to dance and sing….


shahab-: lol nice

[16:55] baybepnay: omg!.. it’s my bf

[16:55] baybepnay: he is soo sexxy

[16:56] shab00tyTM: lol

[17:01] baybepnay: shahab can you sing and dance?

[17:01] shab00tyTM: i can rap and grinde

[17:03] baybepnay: but can you do it willy hung style

[17:03] shab00tyTM: lol

[17:03] shab00tyTM: sure thing hun if thats ur fetish

[17:03] baybepnay: hahaha

britsownsu: ahaha

britsownsu: i LOVE him

shab00tyTM: lol

britsownsu: :-P

britsownsu: good job sha..thats funny

shab00tyTM: thx

britsownsu: uh huh


britsownsu: lmao ur crazy ass away messages..they get me every time :-D

Away Message:


tasha (because sonic fastfood gives u the runs), chrissy (u drunken buffoon),

sarah (slicer like next weeks epi of realworld), britt (for those cute sign pix

shoutin me out), val (can i buy one, pat?), amelia (stop kissing and telling

even if they are good things), carly (for discounted hotel rooms –the irony is

those are for her bf and her not me :[ yet i still shout it out), kel (nice

mammary glands and newly blonde hair), grizelda (for bein a year older on this

day and admitting our superficial relationship), erin (im a "5or6" on the stranger to husband -relationship scale…or as i see it, 45more % till u makin me pancakes in the morn), su (for blocking me as a joke but forgetting to unblock me-dummi korean girl jk1luv)

THAT IS ALL FOLKS good nite and that’s it for the march30th edition of..

shab00tydynastyextendedfamily-bigupy0selves2004 heh



Away Message (My Eminem – MY BAND Parody):

so i get off stage right drop the mic walk up to these hot chicks and im all

sup ladies? my names shab00ty and im the lead shogun of shab00ty dynasty and they’re all like



and right now the rest of the t0adiez get jealous especially when i drop my trou’ and let them fellate my member with many jellies LOL SIKE BAD PARODY RIGHT THERE :) FUNNY YAY  HOLLA :)


seskychik2k4: LOL NI$E

britsownsu: ROFL

britsownsu: fellate my member w/ many jellies aha


[23:51] baybepnay: lol.. such a smart boy
[23:51] *** Auto-response sent to baybepnay: attempts at sleep to commense


[23:53] baybepnay: you must be upset she using u for answers instead of your cock *pleasure* instead ;)

[23:53] shab00tyTM: HAHAHAHA

[23:53] shab00tyTM: no shit

[23:53] baybepnay: hehe

[23:54] baybepnay: i mean damn.. she using you for your head up top.. and not the other head down south

[23:55] shab00tyTM: ya thats a tragedy



[23:59] andreakelroth: lol

[23:59] andreakelroth: rhythm

[23:59] andreakelroth: what does that say

[23:59] shab00tyTM: dunno

[23:59] andreakelroth: fuck i like have to pronounce it and all i can do is type!

[23:59] andreakelroth: grr

[00:00] andreakelroth: shahab i dont know what that says and i mean i can say it but u cant hear me ya know?

[00:00] shab00tyTM: im confused

[00:00] shab00tyTM: wat word or phrase is in question here

[00:01] andreakelroth: fuck me too

[00:01] andreakelroth: rhythm does that spell rythm, fuck1 never mind

[00:01] shab00tyTM: fuck me too…that’s a common phrase uttered in my ear

[00:01] andreakelroth: mmm

[00:01] andreakelroth: TMI

[00:02] shab00tyTM: it’s spelled rhythm

[00:02] andreakelroth: how do u say that?

[00:02] shab00tyTM: RHIIITTHEM

[00:02] shab00tyTM: http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=rhythm

[00:03] andreakelroth: yo

[00:03] andreakelroth: never mind

[00:03] shab00tyTM: want me to call u and say it?

[00:03] andreakelroth: yes haha

[00:05] andreakelroth: damn

[00:05] shab00tyTM: 7 entries found for rhyme.

rime2 ( P ) Pronunciation Key (rm)

n. & v.

Variant of rhyme.

[00:19] shab00tyTM: kelly’s high u should call her

[00:19] baybepnay: lol.. really?

[00:19] shab00tyTM: ya

[00:19] baybepnay: you called her?

[00:19] shab00tyTM: i just got off the phone w/ her

[00:19] shab00tyTM: yea

[00:19] baybepnay: oh kell lol

[00:21] shab00tyTM: i calld her cause she was so high she didnt know how to pronounce rhyme and rhythm

[00:21] baybepnay: hahaha

[00:22] shab00tyTM: i dare u to call her and just say: RYTHEM :)

[00:22] shab00tyTM: mix the two words

[00:22] baybepnay: lol

[00:22] baybepnay: naw.. i don’t wanna mess her up with words lol

[00:22] shab00tyTM: k


mookeyamoo: wher’es my shout out?

shab00tyTM: where

mookeyamoo: anywhere

mookeyamoo: blog or profile

mookeyamoo: lol

shab00tyTM: whers my thong

shab00tyTM: =)

mookeyamoo: I WANT A SHOUT OUT

mookeyamoo: lol..you are wearing your thong

shab00tyTM: heh

shab00tyTM: na i aint i wanna see urs be4 i shout it out

mookeyamoo: lol. damn it!!!

shab00tyTM: =p

mookeyamoo: but i want a shout out to feel loved

shab00tyTM: i want ur thong to feel loved

mookeyamoo: lol….stop copying me

shab00tyTM: lol

mookeyamoo: i love you thou, my sha

shab00tyTM: aww

shab00tyTM: ur so sweet p00nie


shab00tyTM: would u swallow

mookeyamoo: yes…just a little salty, but yea

shab00tyTM: thats my girl

shab00tyTM: =)

mookeyamoo: heehee

shab00tyTM: heh

mookeyamoo: i want to buy one of those underwear from those porn store

shab00tyTM: edible ones?

mookeyamoo: what that means?

shab00tyTM: like edible undies are undies that are like made out of fruit roll up

mookeyamoo: yes yes, and those sexy looking ones

mookeyamoo: but I want to buy those sexy looking ones from Victoria secret

mookeyamoo: i want the eatable ones

shab00tyTM: tru

mookeyamoo: i can’t find them thou

shab00tyTM: if i was ur bf id find em for u

mookeyamoo: but then I can just putt whip cream, then that’s even better

shab00tyTM: lol

shab00tyTM: werd

mookeyamoo: ahh, my hair is so smooth and soft

shab00tyTM: ur pubes?

mookeyamoo: what what?

shab00tyTM: are ur pubes smooth/

mookeyamoo: sure?!

mookeyamoo: what is pubes?

shab00tyTM: pubic hair

mookeyamoo: lol….the hair on my head

shab00tyTM: did u shave ur pubes off

mookeyamoo: yea

shab00tyTM: oh i thought u were keepin em ..felt too pressured? :)

shab00tyTM: brb tv

mookeyamoo: lol..this girl from i want a famous face, this girl’s name is sha

mookeyamoo: LOl..u talking bout the hair on my head or pussy hair?

mookeyamoo: gees, i’m so confused

mookeyamoo: ‘m going to bed, good nite and swet dreams xoxo muah

shab00tyTM: ur pussy hair

*** Auto-response from mookeyamoo: sleeping is my life!!

shab00tyTM: ok nite ma xoxo


shahab-: sigh spent all evening on stat h-w
and i woulda been done quicker but the SPSS evaluation version of the proggie we supposed to use expired lol so i had to figure out wtf to do so i reinstalled it on my other operating system win-me(i dual boot between xp)..so ok do that then it would let me run it again (kinda like evaluating it again w/ a clean install) but then that v12.0 would freeze when i tried to make a scatter plot so then i went and dl’d and installed 11.5 , sigh and finally did that graph part.. ne ways mad long =0) h0lla

Fatal Image: jeez

I dont get how SPSS evaluation period isnt a full semester long :)

shahab-: lol i know right what a jip :P (i thought i had cracked it though too

guess the crack was bogus)


shab00tyTM: i just had a yummy ass cheesesteak damn!

grzeldi: i lovee cheesesteak

shab00tyTM: i had it w/ steak + onions w/ provolone cheese on a soft ass bread, then i put ketchup and mayonnaise on it =)

grzeldi: yum

grzeldi: i love it

shab00tyTM: lol damn skippy


shab00tyTM: agreed

shab00tyTM: so what u up2

grzeldi: stuffing envelopes

shab00tyTM: w/ what

shab00tyTM: anthrax?

grzeldi: hahaha

grzeldi: no, invitations

shab00tyTM: invites to what

grzeldi: my birthday party

grzeldi: nah j/k a phi mu thing

shab00tyTM: is phi mu greek for ‘you’re not invited’? :)

grzeldi: hahahaha

grzeldi: pretty much, yes

shab00tyTM: heh tru



[13:39] seskychik2k4: lol

[13:41] seskychik2k4: OMG your blog is GREAT

[13:41] seskychik2k4: THAT’S MY FAVORITE PART OF THAT SONG

[13:41] shab00tyTM: lol

[13:41] seskychik2k4:: I SING IT LIKE EVERYDAY

[13:41] shab00tyTM: that was my only blog update in a week ;)

[13:41] seskychik2k4: LOL

[13:42] seskychik2k4: DID YOU FINALLY WATCH THE VIDEO??

[13:42] shab00tyTM: yea

[13:42] seskychik2k4: AWESOME

[13:42] shab00tyTM: $

[13:43] shab00tyTM: =)

[13:44] seskychik2k4: LOL i havnt looked at your blog in a while.

[13:44] shab00tyTM: yea u havent :(

[13:44] seskychik2k4: im just getting to the part where i told you about the video

[13:44] shab00tyTM: and u were my #1 supporter hehe

[13:44] shab00tyTM: hehe

[13:44] seskychik2k4: well ive been busy at work :-P

[13:45] shab00tyTM: werd

[13:47] seskychik2k4: now i so want chips and salsa

[13:50] shab00tyTM: lol

[13:50] shab00tyTM: i want some too but i want to eat the salsa out of ur body shot

[13:50] seskychik2k4: lol i had someone do a body shot off of me before.

[13:52] shab00tyTM: tru

[13:52] shab00tyTM: well i gotta get to class be back in an hour and a half

[13:52] seskychik2k4: hey that rhymes.

[13:52] shab00tyTM: lol

[13:53] seskychik2k4: :-D

[13:53] shab00tyTM: holla

[13:53] seskychik2k4: ShOly

[13:53] *** Auto-response sent to seskychik2k4: classs. <insert cute play on words>

[15:15] shab00tyTM: werd


[16:18] freshnclean420: but anywayz, im bout to jizump in the shower

[16:18] shab00tyTM: aiighz

[16:18] shab00tyTM: 1

[16:18] freshnclean420: 1

[16:18] shab00tyTM: i would take a shower but my roomie plopped a load in there imma let it air out

[16:18] shab00tyTM: =)

[16:18] freshnclean420: LOL

[16:18] freshnclean420: damn, that’s fucked up

[16:18] shab00tyTM: heh

[16:19] shab00tyTM: he was gone all day and i ant even see him i think he just stopped by to take a dump and leave

[16:19] shab00tyTM: lol

[16:19] freshnclean420:: id be like, u best take ur turd w/ u

[16:19] shab00tyTM: lol

[16:19] shab00tyTM: agreed

[16:19] shab00tyTM: ne ways leme not hold u up ;)

[16:19] freshnclean420: aiight yo holla

[16:19] shab00tyTM: 1