nbeyalh333: do you have a lot of your people at your school that carry one of those back packs on the rollers like a fucking suitcase?

shab00tyTM: LOL

shab00tyTM: ya sum

nbeyalh333: I hate that. It’s so ridiculously stupid. You’re not 80 pick up your damn books and carry your shit proudly

nbeyalh333: don’t drag it behind your fat ass

nbeyalh333: chese

shab00tyTM: LOL


shab00tyTM: mad lazy

nbeyalh333: and they drag them up the steps

nbeyalh333: chese pick thats shit up!

nbeyalh333: one just walked by me

shab00tyTM: lol

nbeyalh333: the guy looks like he is 20

shab00tyTM: i think ur schoo has more of em then us

nbeyalh333: we have a lot of older people carrying them around

nbeyalh333: but don’t even get me started on those!

nbeyalh333: hehe well

nbeyalh333:: enough of that


[16:03] shab00tyTM: u know whats a tight song ?

[16:03] mdzcutie: what?

[16:03] shab00tyTM:

the_diplomats-built_this_city_ (feat_camron_jimmy_jones_ and_juelz_santana-rns.mp3

[16:04] mdzcutie: ohh

[16:04] mdzcutie: so you’re a diplomat fan?

[16:04] shab00tyTM: lol ur budget on my neck, ur spouse on my dick

[16:04] shab00tyTM: i just like that song

[16:04] shab00tyTM: want me to send it to u

[16:05] mdzcutie: yea

[16:06] *** mdzcutie has received

the_diplomats- built_this_city_(feat_camron_jimmy_jones _and_juelz_santana-rns.mp3.

[16:08] shab00tyTM: its hot right

[16:09] mdzcutie: ummm

[16:09] mdzcutie: yea…it is

[16:09] mdzcutie: i have to get used to it

[16:09] shab00tyTM: tru


[16:09] mdzcutie: lol

[16:10] mdzcutie: ah ha

[16:10] mdzcutie: that’s your favorite part?

[16:10] shab00tyTM: ya

[16:12] shab00tyTM: that’s actually an old 80’s song i think by Starship – We Built This City

[16:12] mdzcutie: really

[16:12] mdzcutie: so they remaked it?

[16:12] shab00tyTM: yea

[16:12] shab00tyTM: i just dl’d that old version bout to listen to it in a sec

[16:13] mdzcutie: ok

[16:14] shab00tyTM: AHAHA

[16:14] shab00tyTM: let me send u the old one

[16:14] mdzcutie: aight

[16:14] mdzcutie: cool

[16:15] *** mdzcutie has received starship- we_built_this_city.mp3.

[16:17] shab00tyTM: what u think

[16:17] mdzcutie: i like the way the remaked it

[16:17] shab00tyTM: i wonder if Kanye made that beat cause he samples the old shit

[16:18] mdzcutie: oh yea

[16:18] mdzcutie: he does?

[16:18] shab00tyTM: yea

[16:18] mdzcutie: i thought he had original beats

[16:19] shab00tyTM: nahh well the beats might be but he jacks like almost all of the chorus’s hooks

[16:19] mdzcutie: oh ok


[15:08] *** Auto-response sent to %n: words of the day:

St. John’s surprise

To refuse to pay a whore after she has provided you with her services. This is a common practice at St. John’s University.

I owed the bitch my last $5 but I decided I’d rather spend it on a couple of Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers so I jumped out the window and gave her the old St. John’s surprise.



protein shake

A sexual act in which one person shoots jizz (a protein shot) into the other’s mouth and then shake their head vigorously.

Gwen: "Let’s get out of here and grab a beer."

Richard: "Are you insane? You know my midterm and finals ritual. I study til 11, 9 solid hours of sleep, protein shake in the morning."

(from ‘Van Wilder’)



shab00tyTM: yo did u buy those shoes yet cause i got a nice footlocker coupon for ya

adorableang: no i didnt… when does the coupon expire ?

shab00tyTM: leme check hang on i dont even think its in effect but this weekend it might be leme look =p

adorableang: hahah alright

shab00tyTM: Printable 33% off (1/3rd) coupon for Footlocker. Starts 4/2 to 4/4.

go here though:


shab00tyTM: It can also be used online by applying coupon code FF44EM21 at Footlocker.com.

adorableang: coooll tahnks

shab00tyTM: no prob


[15:51] shab00tyTM: my friend bought a used comp and it had issues

[15:39] shab00tyTM: btw is ur comp fixd now

[15:39] sisjenny: that it is

[15:39] shab00tyTM: it was the faulty memory?

[15:39] shab00tyTM: u get ur money from dude?

[15:39] shab00tyTM: or do i need to beat him up :)

[15:40] sisjenny: yeah it was the memory, he gave me a lil less than half

[15:40] shab00tyTM: he shoulda gave u all =p

[15:40] sisjenny: well whatever, we dont know who messed it up so, eh

[15:40] shab00tyTM: sigh ur too nice jen ;P

[15:41] sisjenny: i already got a really good price on the comp, didnt wanna push it too much anywyas

[15:41] shab00tyTM: hypothetical: if i sold u a faulty vibrator and it was leakin battery acid, would u blame the energizer bunny? :) ehe j/k

[15:44] sisjenny: hah


Blacky: Learn how to dance and sing….


shahab-: lol nice

[16:55] baybepnay: omg!.. it’s my bf

[16:55] baybepnay: he is soo sexxy

[16:56] shab00tyTM: lol

[17:01] baybepnay: shahab can you sing and dance?

[17:01] shab00tyTM: i can rap and grinde

[17:03] baybepnay: but can you do it willy hung style

[17:03] shab00tyTM: lol

[17:03] shab00tyTM: sure thing hun if thats ur fetish

[17:03] baybepnay: hahaha

britsownsu: ahaha

britsownsu: i LOVE him

shab00tyTM: lol

britsownsu: :-P

britsownsu: good job sha..thats funny

shab00tyTM: thx

britsownsu: uh huh


britsownsu: lmao ur crazy ass away messages..they get me every time :-D

Away Message:


tasha (because sonic fastfood gives u the runs), chrissy (u drunken buffoon),

sarah (slicer like next weeks epi of realworld), britt (for those cute sign pix

shoutin me out), val (can i buy one, pat?), amelia (stop kissing and telling

even if they are good things), carly (for discounted hotel rooms –the irony is

those are for her bf and her not me :[ yet i still shout it out), kel (nice

mammary glands and newly blonde hair), grizelda (for bein a year older on this

day and admitting our superficial relationship), erin (im a "5or6" on the stranger to husband -relationship scale…or as i see it, 45more % till u makin me pancakes in the morn), su (for blocking me as a joke but forgetting to unblock me-dummi korean girl jk1luv)

THAT IS ALL FOLKS good nite and that’s it for the march30th edition of..

shab00tydynastyextendedfamily-bigupy0selves2004 heh



Away Message (My Eminem – MY BAND Parody):

so i get off stage right drop the mic walk up to these hot chicks and im all

sup ladies? my names shab00ty and im the lead shogun of shab00ty dynasty and they’re all like



and right now the rest of the t0adiez get jealous especially when i drop my trou’ and let them fellate my member with many jellies LOL SIKE BAD PARODY RIGHT THERE :) FUNNY YAY  HOLLA :)


seskychik2k4: LOL NI$E

britsownsu: ROFL

britsownsu: fellate my member w/ many jellies aha